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the watcher i.

Welcome to my cobbled haven of work and artistry. I'll be posting publications and new music here as I have it for you. I grew up in Scarborough and then left for school in Windsor. After cleaning up the undergrad, I cam back to Scarborough to a familiar feeling; displacement. My home changed so much from what I remembered it being, not that the memories are so clear, but the Scarborough I remember reflected an interwoven community of dreamers. People working together to make tomorrow better from the yesterdays they came from.

Needless to say, thing's aren't quite like that anymore, not just in Scarborough, but everywhere I've spent enough time to breathe in the uncertainty. I've witnessed transactional relationships predominate our lives. We fear emotions from others because visible emotion suggests a lack of control; it lacks the propriety we've slumped into. 

negative.q relates to the conscious removal of self to inhabit an avatar of expression.

X The Martian is the anonymous alien. One of anybody passing by that's so similar in his difference to everyone else.

My goal as a writer is to inhabit a middle ground between both these names, to use them as a tethering-bridge for my words to dance upon.
A bridge that allows me to walk with you, no matter how similar we are in our difference. 



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